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1st Gen Camaro Wheel Guide

1st-Gen Camaro Wheels

(don’t have to be a mystery.)

1st-Gen Camaro wheels don’t have to be a mystery. The most modified car in American Muscle Car History, the 1st Gen Camaro can be anything you want. From a corner carving pro-touring beast to a full-on drag racing rocket. Because this car demands attention, you better have your wheel game together.
To make this easy for the stock Camaro owners of the world, we have listed below, the bolt-on fitments to order your 1st Gen Camaro wheels at 3030 Autosport. Easy-Peasy.
For 15″ drag wheels check out our Drag Ops Series Street & Strip wheels
Pro-Touring car owners – Check out Series G and MOD3 Series.

Special custom-built wheels are what we do. So you don’t have to stick to this list. Big Wilwood 6-piston brakes? We can do that. Detroit Speed Mini-Tubs? Let’s go wide! Series G and MOD3 Series are built to fit whatever you are putting on your dream machine. Unique fitments like this will need some measurements from you.

Download the Wheel Measurement Diagram Here: https://3030autosport.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/3030-Autosport-Wheel-Measurement-Diagram.pdf

1st Gen Camaro Wheels Pro-Touring
Serie G – G05Y Forged Pro-Touring Wheels in Tinted Clear with Polished Rim.

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Chevrolet 1967-1969 Camaro [1st Gen]

Front / RearSizeBack-spaceBolt PatternStock Caliper Clearance3030 SeriesNote
Front15×3.51.755×4.750.75″Drag Ops
Front15×41.755×4.750.75″Drag Ops 
Front15×63.55×4.750.75″Drag Ops
Front15×73.55×4.750.75″Drag Ops 
Front15×84.55×4.750.75″Drag Ops
Rear15×84.55×4.750.75″Drag Ops 
Rear15×95.55×4.750.75″Drag OpsMay require rear shock relocation
Front17×4.51.85×4.750.75″Series G 
Front17×745×4.750.75″Series G
Front17×84.55×4.750.75″Series G 
Rear17×84.55×4.750.75″Series G
Rear17×95.55×4.750.75″Series GMay require rear shock relocation
Front18×525×4.750.75″Series G & MOD3
Front18×745×4.750.75″Series G & MOD3 
Front18×84.55×4.750.75″Series G & MOD3
Rear18×84.55×4.750.75″Series G & MOD3 
Rear18×95.55×4.750.75″Series G & MOD3May require rear shock relocation
Front20×84.55×4.750.75″Series G & MOD3 
Rear20×84.55×4.750.75″Series G & MOD3
Rear20×95.55×4.750.75″Series G & MOD3May require rear shock relocation

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