Legend 15″ Rear Drag_OLD_2021

  • SFI 15.1 Tested and Certified
  • Forged Center and Rim Sections
  • 360 – Degree Welded on Backside
  • Super Lightweight (See Technical Specifications)
  • Accepts 5/8” Race Studs
  • Available In Brushed Clear Coat Center / Polished Rim and Black Satin Coated Center Polished Rim
  • Available in various beadlock options – Pricing below
  • 100% Made in America by 3030 Autosport
  • Enter Your Specs Below for Pricing!
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Price Each: $445.00$1,395.00

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  • Extemely True - Low Lateral and Radial Runout
  • Street-Rated Rims Sections Handle Your Drive the Track or Event
  • 5/8" Caliper Clearance
  • Factory-Direct Support & Service
  • 2 Week Delivery Average

Technical Specifications:

Manufactured At:
We are located just south of Indianapolis, and we manufacture our wheels 100% in house. All processes are controlled by us from design, engineering, machining, powder coating, assembly and quality control. Nothing is imported – even the center ca...More
3030 Autosport Forged Wheels are precision manufactured from US sourced forged 6061-T6 aluminum. 6061-T6, as you may already know is used in aerospace, military applications and of course top race teams and racing component manufacturers. Its excepti...More
Drag Ops rear wheels are welded 2pc construction. The precision spun outer rim section features excellent runout, light weight and the stability to stand up to the street. Center sections are forged, CNC machined and powder coated for low maintenanc...More
Powder Coating:
All 3030 Autosport powder coatings are UV resistant polyester for an extremely durable and easily cleaned. An important part of the process is everything that happens to prep the product. While most coaters only use a solvent or steam wash, 3030 Au...More