Pro-Touring / Restomod / Muscle Car

3030 Autosport only manufactures forged performance wheels, which offer the best strength-to-weight ratio possible. Our Series G wheels are a top choice for Muscle Car, Pro-Touring and Restomod enthusiasts who demand the best performance on both the autocross track and the street. Our Series X wheels are engineered for coast-to-coast performance, so you can trust that your Restomod will perform at its best with 3030 Autosport wheels.

With over 20 years of wheel-making experience, our team at 3030 Autosport knows how to engineer the best designs for performance cars like the Pro-Touring Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, and Challenger, as well as classic street machines like the C10. Don't settle for less - upgrade your Muscle Car,  Pro-Touring or Restomod with 3030 Autosport forged performance wheels today and experience the difference for yourself.