This Warranty is given only to the original consumer/purchaser of 3030 Autosport Forged Wheels and 3030 Autosport products. This warranty is not transferable. KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL INVOICE. PROOF OF PURCHASE is required for all warranty claims and work.
The terms of this limited warranty is five (5) years from the date of purchase. The obligation of 3030 Autosport under this warranty is to repair or replace, at its option, any 3030 Autosport product, returned freight prepaid, which is determined by 3030 Autosport to have been defective in material or workmanship. Such repair or replacement will not include installation charges or incidental expenses.
3030 AUTOSPORT FORGED WHEELS products are warranted to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser/consumer (deemed to be the date the wheels are received by the purchaser/consumer) owns the wheel. The wheel finish is warranted to the original purchaser/consumer for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase to be able to withstand non-hazardous weather and climatic conditions, non-hazardous paved road conditions and typical operating temperatures for normal driving.
As a condition of this limited warranty, 3030 AUTOSPORT FORGED WHEELS products must be properly installed on the vehicle for which the wheels were intended and manufactured for as specified and agreed to on the Order Confirmation authorized by the consumer/purchaser, or in the care and mounting instructions provided at the time of delivery, and where applicable, by using the specified lug nuts/bolts or other hardware which may be supplied by 3030 AUTOSPORT FORGED WHEELS for such installation. In addition, the tires that are mounted on the wheels must be proper for both the vehicle and the wheel size as specified by the tire manufacturer.

3030 Autosport disclaims all other express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and use for a particular purpose to the extent the state or federal law allow. This warranty gives the owner specific legal rights and the owner may have other rights under the state law.

The following are specifically EXCLUDED from this warranty:

  • Any wheel or accessory that has been subject to abuse, misuse, neglect, racing, improper installation, collision, or damage from wheel weights.
  • Any wheel or accessory that has been repaired or altered by a party other than 3030 Autosport.
  • Disassembled/reassembled wheels for the purpose of a custom finish by any party other than 3030 Autosport.
  • Once tires have been mounted by any party other than 3030 Autosport, the wheels cannot be returned for credit and charges will be assessed for any work that may be required to correct a problem.
  • Any wheel that is installed without provided 3030 Autosport accessories or installed on a vehicle other than that for which the wheel was designed.
  • Damage to the surface finish of the wheel or accessory as a result of polish, abrasives, rubbing compounds, or acid-based cleaners.
  • Damage to the surface finish of the wheel or accessory as a result of abrasion by balancing weights.
  • Damage to the surface finish or accessory as a result of road hazards including but not limited to rock or debris chips, potholes, curbs, etc.
  • Corrosion or defects not resulting from manufacturing defects in workmanship or material.
  • Finishes that have been scratched by cleaning brushes, car wash brushes, abrasives, or rubbing compound.
  • Claims for excessive runout or balancing after 30 days.
  • Polished or raw finishes with no clear coat. (Raw surfaces require constant cleaning, polishing, and have no finish warranty.)

Shipping Damage

3030 Autosport packaging is designed to withstand multiple possibilities of damage. However, on rare occasions, carrier damage occurs. 3030 Autosport records and documents QC results of all custom order (MOD3 and HyperStreet) via photography for finish quality and documented runout data. Claims for any shortage or errors in shipment must be made within 24 hours of receipt of goods. Ownership of merchandise passes to buyer upon delivery to common carrier and delivery of all merchandise in good condition is the responsibility of the carrier. Claims for any damaged shipment must be filed with the carrier immediately upon receipt, no exceptions.

Return Policy

Returns for warranty follow the Limited 5 Year Warranty specified in this document.
All 3030 Autosport wheels are built per customer specifications of style, size and finish. It is the goal of 3030 Autosport that all customers are very satisfied with our products. In the event of that you are dissatisfied with our quality of workmanship, fit and finish, please call 3030 Autosport Customer Service at (812) 739-3300 within 14 business days of receipt of product to reach a solution. No returns for will be considered after 14 days other than warranty issues.

Return Procedure

Returns must be approved by 3030 Autosport Customer Service and will be issued an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number. This number must be written clearly on the packaging near the shipping label. Un-Authorized Returns will be refused upon delivery at the sender’s expense. The RGA number will correspond with a return order in our system detailing the agreed processing of the product.

  • Call 3030 Autosport @ (812) 739-3300 to discuss the return with Customer Service.
  • Approved returns must have the RGA number clearly written on the box by the shipping label.
  • Include a copy of your original receipt.
  • Returns must be shipped freight prepaid. No Exceptions.
  • In the event shipping charges are agreed to be refunded, 3030 Autosport is not responsible for expedited service charges (Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, Insurance etc)
  • Returns will be evaluated upon receipt in a reasonable amount of time for disposition.