About Us


A collage of wheel manufacturing at our facility just west of Indianapolis.

3030 Autosport Forged Wheels was created by wheel industry veterans who wanted to create a great forged racing and performance wheel line that out-performs other wheels on the market. In June of 2020, we (Keith Kern and Philip Watson) dove in to do just that – with a commitment to always control every aspect of the product from design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales.

The wheel industry (like most) has sold out quality for the sake of profit. Offshore wheels flood the United States, leaving behind the original reason anybody ever bought aftermarket wheels to begin with…better performance. As time went on, the wheel industry seemed happy to settle for less, offering consumers heavy, poor-quality wheels that were cookie-cut to match whatever fad happened to be popular that year. Today, even brands with the word “American” in their name or those with a “Made in the USA” moniker on their boxes, ship off-shore-sourced imitations of their glory days.

We want to be clear, there are quality wheel companies in America. However, distribution channels, retailers, and wholesalers can, and often do, complicate the buying process while stacking profit margins and passing the increase on to the customer while adding zero value. This forces people to do one of two things: Either pay enormous prices for top-tier wheels or be forced to give up the wheel they want for something lesser.

We believe you deserve a better choice. That is why we took our 30+ combined years of wheel-making and design to first – build forged performance wheels that rival or better top brands in the industry, and second – make them easy to order – both in process and price.

First, we set up the manufacturing space. Close to Indianapolis, and its strong, historic racing environment. Then, we designed our wheels with a company vision of timeless racing styles that will look great for decades.

Finally, we developed processes that move tailor-made wheels through manufacturing efficiently to keep delivery as fast as possible. Top all that off with an OE level powder coat process and a stunning color selection.

As time goes on, and we grow, we plan to bring performance racing wheels to more competitive vehicle markets, empowering our customers to get the absolute best performance wheels in the industry.

 We know About Us sections are rarely looked at. We thank you for reading ours and hope to see you soon.


All the Best,

The 3030 Autosport Team