Custom Offsets

Custom Offsets

Posted by 3030 Tech on Jul 15th 2023

Unleashing Performance: Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels for Various Models

Bel Air

  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: Tailored for the classic Bel Air, these wheels blend aesthetics with performance, offering a perfect balance of strength and style.

Corvette Series (C4, C5, C6, C7, C8)

  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: Each generation of the Corvette demands precision, and 3030 Autosport delivers. From the sleek lines of the C4 to the cutting-edge C8, these wheels provide the ideal balance of strength and agility.

Challenger and Charger

  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: Elevate the muscle and power of your Challenger or Charger with wheels designed for optimum performance, whether on the drag strip or the open road.


  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: The timeless Chevelle gets a modern touch with custom offset wheels, combining classic aesthetics with contemporary performance.


  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: Transform the iconic Mustang with wheels engineered for both speed and style, making a statement on the street or the track.

Camaro Series (Gen 1 to Gen 6)

  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: Whether you're driving a Gen 1 classic or the latest Gen 6 Camaro, 3030 Autosport has wheels that complement the spirit and performance of each generation.

Hot Rods, Street Rods, and Muscle Cars

  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: From street rods to muscle cars, these wheels offer a custom touch that enhances both the aesthetics and performance of these automotive legends.


  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: Add a touch of sophistication to the classic Impala with wheels that not only look impressive but also enhance overall handling.

Pro-Touring and Restomods

  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: For those seeking the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern performance in their Pro-Touring or Restomod project, these wheels are the ultimate choice.

S197, S550, SN95 Ford Mustang

  • Custom Offset Aluminum Wheels: Designed to fit specific Mustang generations, these wheels cater to the unique requirements of S197, S550, and SN95 enthusiasts.

True American Craftsmanship: Made in America

3030 Autosport takes pride in crafting every wheel with precision and passion right here in America. The commitment to quality and performance is evident in every set of custom offset aluminum wheels that bears the 3030 Autosport name.

Lightweight Performance: True American Custom Offset Wheels

In addition to the tailored fit for various models, 3030 Autosport's custom offset wheels boast a lightweight design. This characteristic not only contributes to improved acceleration and handling but also reflects the brand's dedication to true American performance.


Elevate your driving experience with 3030 Autosport Forged Wheels — a fusion of engineering excellence, true American craftsmanship, and a commitment to transforming the performance of iconic vehicles across generations. Whether you're a classic car enthusiast, a modern muscle car driver, or a street rod connoisseur, these custom offset aluminum wheels offer a personalized touch that goes beyond aesthetics, enhancing the very essence of your ride.

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