Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Business Hours?

Monday – Friday from 8AM to 6PM Eastern Standard Time.


How Do I Measure My Vehicle for Wheels?

Many custom builds with brake, suspension, body modifications may require supplying us with detailed measurements. We've broken this process down into a simple form for you to paint a clear picture for us. If you get stuck or have any questions, call us @ 812-739-3300 and we will work with you through the process.

Click Here: Measurement Form Download


What Do 3030 Autosport Drag Ops Wheels Weigh?

Drag Ops Weights are in the Description Section of each wheel page. We offer the lightest Street & Strip wheels possible. Everything in Drag Ops has been SFI-Certified to 15.1 (Rear Drag) and 15.2 (Front Runner Drag). In addition, we elected to test our 17x4.5 and 18x5 Frontrunners with a cornering fatigue test to ensure your wheels perform through that pass that puts some lateral load on them (as they always do).


What Is Caliper Clearance?

When the face of a caliper protrudes past the mounting surface (where the wheel seats at the base of the studs), the wheel must adequately clear the caliper. In the case of our Series G wheels, we offer 3 levels of caliper clearance. The diagram below displays those measurement points. If you need help determining the level of caliper protrusion you have, you can simply refer to How To Measure Your Vehicle In the Top Menu Bar of Each Page and download the measurement form or your brake manufacturer should be able to provide you with drawings of there product for us to review with you.

An Example:  Series G Caliper Clearance Diagram


Checking your brakes to fit Drag Ops Wheels.

Always consider your brake diameter when buying 15" wheels from anybody. The narrowest ID of our Drag Ops wheels is 13.1". Please confirm with your brake manufacturer that your brakes do not require a larger diameter. You can easily measure the caliper radius by measuring from the center of the hub to the outermost point of the top of the brake caliper. Companies such as Wilwood, Aerospace and Strange have brake kits specifically for 13.1" I.D. rim sections.  They also have helpful templates on their sites.  If you have your part # from your brakes we can likely help as we deal with most brake companies and have their drawings/templates.

 Click Here for an Example Diagram of a 15x10 Profile


How Modular Wheels Depth Affects "Dish" or "Lip Depth".

Modular wheels are assembled using various components or assembly methods to hit the backspacing or offset your vehicle needs. More backspacing (higher offset) = equals less "dish" (the depth from the front lip to your spokes), and less backspacing gives you more dish. Your car's track width when compared to your body width is what determines the backspacing you need. Too little backspacing and your wheels may stick out past the fender line. Picture a 90's California Mini-Truck look.


How do I Care for my 3030 Autosport Wheels?

Click Here:  3030 Autosport Care and Maintenance


What is the Recommended Torque for my Lug Nuts?

7/16" - 60 ft/lbs
1/2" – 80 ft/lbs
12mm - 80 ft/lbs
14mm - 90 ft/lbs


Beadlock Installation Instructions

Click Here to Download and Print


What is the Warranty?

Click Here to download our Warranty


Do you Offer a Contingency Program or Sponsorships?

As a fairly new company, and to keep our retail pricing as low as possible for our customers, we do not budget very much for sponsorships. Very few programs are offered each year, and we must qualify those sponsorship requests with information and commitment from the requesting parties.

 Requirements for consideration of sponsorship:

 1) Submit a formal proposal including all of the following:

    • The project overview
    • Images/renderings of the vehicle
    • List of other supporting sponsors and contact information
    • Events the vehicle will be raced and/or displayed
    • Social media plan for the vehicle
    • Current promotions of in-process build (YouTube Channel etc.), if available.

2) The vehicle cannot have been used in previous promotional campaigns. If it has been a promotional vehicle prior to this request please explain what is unique or impactful about this project.

3) Previous projects involving sponsorship, list of sponsors and details of those programs.

Sponsorship requests without all of the above information will not be considered.


Do you offer a military discount?

As an American manufacturer we value all the brave men and women who defend our great nation and those who have served in the past. We offer our thanks for your service with a discount. Click here for details.


Do You Have a Dealer Program?

Dealer inquiries are invited for select series of wheels. The majority of our line is tailor-made to order which means - 3030 Autosport wheels are sometimes not available “off the rack” or stock-able. Our business model is centered around making the best performance wheels available – custom built for our customers. Legitimate businesses interested in becoming a 3030 Autosport Dealer should contact us by either calling 812-739-3300 or emailing us at with information about the business. A customer service representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.