2nd Gen Camaro Wheels

2nd Gen Camaro Wheels

Posted by 3030 Staff on Jul 15th 2023

2nd Gen Camaro Wheels - The 2nd Gen Camaro is latest "gotta have it". It's got all the earmarks to be a drag car, show stopper, and we think, a great combination of both, from a corner-carving pro-touring beast to a full-on drag racing rocket. Any top car builder will tell you that wheel selection is as important as the paint color you choose.

To make this easy for the stock Camaro owners of the world, we have listed below, the bolt-on fitments to order your 2nd Gen Camaro wheels at 3030 Autosport. Keep in mind that when you modify the suspension with great companies like Ride Tech, QA1 and so on, you will need to provide some measurements to ensure the best fit.

For 15" drag wheels check out our Drag Ops Series Street & Strip wheels
Pro-Touring car owners - Check out Series G, Series X, and MOD3 Series.

Special custom-built wheels are what we do. So you don't have to stick to this list. Big Wilwood 6-piston brakes? We can do that. Detroit Speed Mini-Tubs? Let's go wide! Drag Ops, Series X, Series G and MOD3 Series are built to fit whatever you are putting on your dream machine. Special fitments like this will need some measurements from you.

Download the Wheel Measurement Diagram Here:

Chevrolet 1970-1981 Camaro [2nd Gen] - Stock Chassis and Brakes

Front / RearSize BackspaceBolt PatternStock Caliper Clearance3030 Series
Front15x3.51.755x4.750.75"Drag Ops
Front15x41.755x4.750.75"Drag Ops
Front15x63.55x4.750.75"Drag Ops
Front15x73.55x4.750.75"Drag Ops
Front15x84.55x4.750.75"Drag Ops
Rear15x84.55x4.750.75"Drag Ops
Rear15x955x4.750.75"Drag Ops
Rear15x105.55x4.750.75Drag Ops
Front17x4.51.85x4.750.75"Series G
Front17x745x4.750.75"Series G
Front17x855x4.750.75"Series G
Rear17x855x4.750.75"Series G
Rear17x95.55x4.750.75"Series G
Rear17x9.55.55x4.50.75Series G
Front18x525x4.750.75"Series G, Series X & MOD3
Front18x745x4.750.75"Series G, Series X & MOD3
Front18x84.55x4.750.75"Series G, Series X & MOD3
Rear18x84.55x4.750.75"Series G, Series X & MOD3
Rear18x95.55x4.750.75"Series G, Series X & MOD3
Rear18x9.55.755x4.750.75Series G, Series X & MOD3
Front19x84.55x4.75.75"Series X, MOD3
Rear19x84.55x4.75.75"Series X, MOD3
Front19x95.255x4.75.75"Series X, MOD3
Rear19x95.255x4.75.75"Series X, MOD3
Rear19x106.255x4.75.75"Series X, MOD3
Front20x84.55x4.750.75"Series G, Series X & MOD3
Rear20x84.55x4.750.75"Series G, Series X & MOD3
Rear20x955x4.750.75"Series G, Series X & MOD3
Rear20x105.55x4.75.075"Series G, Series X & MOD3