Pro-Touring and Restomod...What's the Difference?

Pro-Touring and Restomod...What's the Difference?

Posted by 3030 Staff on Jun 16th 2023

Pro-Touring and Restomod cars park next to each other all the time at events. While they may look similar, they are very much different in performance and price. When choosing the direction to take with your muscle car or truck you have to consider what your use will be. Are you dabbling on the autocross or road course track once in a blue moon? Or are you going to throw down and compete in an autocross circuit like Goodguys offers. Do you simply want to cruise the interstate with the occasional led foot approach to land at car shows? Cars & Coffee? What's your budget?

These are all big considerations. But the good news is, whether you go Pro-Touring or Restomod, you're going to have a blast. It's all good. That said, here we go!

Pro-Touring: Let's break it down...

3030 Autosport Pro-Touring Wheels_Jeff Kunk C10

3030 Autosport forged wheels put to the test winning 2022 Autocross Buckeye Shootout

Pro - As in Professional, Pro-Level - Designed to perform on the track. Typically via an aftermarket chassis like Art Morrison, Roadster Shop, etc., race-level suspension with big 6-piston performance brakes, large diameter wheels (18" is the diameter of choice - mainly due to the superior performance and selection of sizes of tires), a high horsepower engine and basically bullet-proof trans.

Touring - Can handle the street and the trip to the autocross track but without a doubt, the car wants to be on the track.


Resto - As in restoration, retains a lot of the stock elements of the vehicle. Seatbelts stay instead of harnesses. Comfy seats, great sound system and don't forget the AC. Keep the classic theme but bring the driving experience to modern muscle level.

Mod - As in Modified. Get rid of those drums and improve the braking performance (we all love those big red calipers don't we?) but maybe 4-piston calipers will do the job. The chassis gets a facelift, maybe add some mini tubs to get some wider wheels in the back. Lower and level the car to where it should have always been. Swap out the motor for an LS or Coyote crate motor and get enough horsepower to keep the car on your mind all day.

So let's get to the wheels.

Both Restomods and Pro-Touring cars are performance cars. The wheels and tires you chose are important. Now here at 3030Autosport, we choose to manufacture forged wheels only. There are plenty of cast and flow-form wheels shipped in from China on the market and quite frankly, we don't believe there needs to be another. We choose to offer high-end wheels that perform.

Forged wheels when properly engineered have the best strength-to-weight ratio possible for a wheel. Not all forged wheels are created equal. 3030 Autosport puts over 20 years of wheel-making experience into every design. So, needless to say, we don't break a sweat when our Series G hits the track carrying a Pro-Touring C10.

If you are going the Pro-Touring route, we recommend our MOD3 Series and Series G wheels. They feature a step-lip design which is great for road course and autocross abuse. They are big brake-ready, available in .125" increments of backspacing and you can choose from 20 different finishes t get the look you want.

Restomods never fear! You can wear any Series G, MOD3 or get the extended spoke designs in Series X. Series X wheels are a "Soft-Lip Reverse" format that gives the spokes a long, leggy effect. Series X designs also have a super wide offset range and are of course big brake-ready.

If Pro-Touring or Restomod is where you're headed, here are the 3030 Autosport options for you...

MOD3 Series: 3-Piece Track Wheels

MOD3 Modular Performance Wheels

Series G: Pro-Touring

Series G Pro-Touring Wheels

Series X: Restomod

Series X - Restomod Wheels